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  I have always been fascinated by photography. It just took a while to get the opportunity to study it in detail, after a less than rewarding time at school where ‘photography as a career’ was as achievable as asking to train as an astronaut.

Via a series jobs in bars, hotels, as a postman, teaching English to refugees and traveling the USA by Greyhound bus, one summer I embarked on an epic motorcycle journey of Western, Southern and Central Europe with camera in hand. I learnt a great deal about people, life and photography, and on my return I was awarded a Higher Education Grant to study what I love. I found my experience with people, how to communicate and reach out to them, coupled with an understanding of environment and ‘place’, gave me a unique edge in photography, and still does to this day.

As an assistant I freelanced with a series of photographers in different disciplines. Later I spent three years working with Gered Mankowitz at Rembrandt Brothers, where I developed a deep love of portraiture and began to refine my vision of what I wanted to achieve as a photographer.

To be sincere and honest about what I do, whilst reassuring those I’m photographing that ‘I am on their side’ are qualities that I value highly which allow me to get ‘that shot’ even if time is short.

With almost thirty years experience I still believe passionately in what I do, probably more so now than ever before. I get as much satisfaction from photographing the family who run the late night shop as taking a formal portrait of the Lord Chancellor, in the end they are all just people, each with a unique story to tell that somehow only photography can capture. I now work principally using digital cameras, but I can shoot on any format and media, and still receive commissions for my specialized analogue photography work.

I believe it is important to share what we have learnt with others. When there is time, I teach photography at the well regarded LCC, formally known as the London College of Printing, part of the internationally renowned University of the Arts in London, England.

My overall professional philosophy remains unchanged; I always endeavour to deliver a job on time, on budget and to my clients’ instructions whilst communicating with them all the time and using my skill and ability to 'add value'.

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